We are now taking orders for Ashdown Forest Meat boxes.

Sustainable, low-food miles and delicious.  Enjoy this natural and tasty produce in the knowledge that you are helping to conserve the rare and beautiful heathlands of Ashdown Forest.

Ashdown Forest Heathland Hogget Boxes available in October

The Hebridean is a breed of sheep with an historical reputation for producing delicious meat.  The Hebrideans from the Conservators’ flock are part of the conservation grazing programme, helping to restore the heathland habitat.  The sheep are born and raised on the Forest and are grazed on the natural heathland vegetation of the Forest.


The hogget is processed locally and expertly cut.

Whole box — 12kg approx.

Comprising: 2 legs on the bone, 2 shoulders, mince, rack of lamb, loin & chump chops.

Half box—6 kg approx.

£11.50 per kg

To order a box, email [email protected] call 01342 823583


Riggit Galloway Beef Boxes available in early December – SOLD OUT

The Conservators are running a suckler herd of Riggit Galloway cattle.  Galloway cattle are renowned for their hardiness and their ability to convert poor quality moorland grazing into best beef. Grazing of the internationally important heathlands of Ashdown Forest with cattle is a vital part of the conservation work that maintains this endangered habitat and its specialist wildlife.

The beef is processed locally and expertly cut

Beef boxes £15 per kg — available in 5kg and 10kg

A typical 10 kg box may contain:

  • 3 or 4 joints
  • steak (usually rump & sirloin)
  • stewing steak (in 500g bags)
  • mince (in 500g bags)

The proportions of cuts will vary between boxes.

Cooks boxes £12.50 per kg – available in 5kg and 10kg

Consisting of mince and stewing cuts

To order a box, email [email protected] call 01342 823583