This is a summary of the Byelaws made by the Conservators of Ashdown Forest under the powers conferred on them by the Ashdown Forest Act, 1974.


Byelaw 1. In the construction of these Bye-Laws – The word “Forest” means Ashdown Forest, referred to in the Ashdown Forest Act 1974, and as delineated and coloured green and red in the map annexed to the Award made by William Augustus Raper in the matter of the regulation of the Forest dated 28th March 1887, sealed and confirmed by the Land Commissioners for England on 315` March, 1887, or any part of the said Forest. The term “The Conservators” means the body incorporated by the name “The Conservators of Ashdown Forest,” and the “Clerk” means the “Clerk to the Conservators of Ashdown Forest”. The term “Recreation Ground” means any part of the Forest reserved under the provisions of the said Act or by the Conservators for the purpose of playing cricket and other games. The term “Authorised person” in these Bye-Laws means and includes: (a) Any person acting by virtue and in due pursuance and under the authority of some provision of the said Act, or of some Estate, interest, or right of a profitable or beneficial nature, in, over, or affecting the Forest or some part thereof, and legally entitled so to act. (b) Any servant of any authorised person expressly employed by him for any purpose within his rights. But a servant employed by an authorised person to take estovers, or to cut brakes or litter on the Forest shall not be deemed an authorised person within the meaning of this Clause, unless he shall produce, if demanded, by any Conservator, the Clerk or a Forest Ranger, an authority in writing, signed by his employer, and dated not more than twenty­one days previously. (c) Any person for the time being duly authorised by the Conservators in writing. (d) The term “unauthorised person” means and includes any person other than authorised person as above defined.


Byelaw 2. No unauthorised person shall take any wheeled vehicle on the Forest, except within the designated parking areas. This shall not apply to bicycles being pushed, wheel-chairs or child push-chairs.


Byelaw 3. No person shall camp upon the Forest , whether in cars , campers , tents , caravans or sleeping bags . Without written permission from the Conservators, no one will park any vehicle on the Forest between the hours of midnight and 6am.


Byelaw 4. No person will light any fire or stove on the Forest, nor set alight any vegetation on the Forest. This shall not apply to picnic stoves being used in the car-parks during the months July to December inclusive.


Byelaw 5. No one shall leave any building materials, timber, firewood, soil, manure, refuse, rubbish, machines, machinery, equipment or litter on the Forest without prior permission from the Conservators.


Byelaw 6. No dog shall be allowed upon the Forest unless it is under proper control and effectively restrained from causing annoyance to any person or worrying or disturbing any animal.


Byelaw 7. No one without a permit will use the Forest for riding or exercising horses.


Byelaw 8. No unauthorised person will take or destroy any Forest vegetation.


Byelaw 9. No unauthorised person will take any wood from the Forest.


Byelaw 10. No unauthorised person shall take, snare, trap or kill any animal, bird (including nests or eggs), insect or fish, or have in his possession any gun, trap, net or snare that could be used for these purposes.


Byelaw 11. No unauthorised person shall erect any hut, booth, tent, stall, post or hurdle upon the Forest.


Byelaw 12. No unauthorised person may dig up any stone or turf or in any way disturb the surface of the Forest soil.


Byelaw 13. No unauthorised person may make up or metal any road over the Forest.


Byelaw 14. No unauthorised person, except in the case of emergency or unavoidable cause, shall launch or land any aircraft, glider, balloon, hovercraft or parachute from or on the Forest. No flying of model aircraft in any form whatsoever with out licensed consent.


Byelaw 15. No unauthorised person shall place any signs or notices on the Forest.


Byelaw 16. No person will wilfully damage or remove any sign or construction authorised by the Conservators.


Byelaw 17. No unauthorised person shall pollute any watercourse on the Forest nor divert or obstruct such watercourses.


Byelaw 18. No one shall interfere with the legitimate enjoyment of the Forest by authorised users, nor interfere with the Conservators or their representatives in carrying out their duties.


Byelaw 19. Any person playing loud music to the annoyance of other users shall be guilty of an offence.


Byelaw 20. The speed limit on Forest roads (ie those not covered by the Road Traffic Act) shall be 10 miles per hour.


Byelaw 21. No unauthorised person shall sell or offer for sale any article on the Forest.


Byelaw 22. No unauthorised person shall keep any animals on the Forest.


Byelaw 23. The Conservators may set the number of commonable animals which may be kept on the Forest; all commonable animals must be properly marked.


Byelaw 24. Commoners and authorised persons may cut bracken and firewood in areas set aside for the purpose by the Conservators, between November and March. No power saws may be used on a Sunday.


Byelaw 25. The Conservators may set aside land for the village Recreation Grounds for cricket or other games; no person shall interfere with such games. No person shall interfere with the playing of golf on the licensed golf courses.


Byelaw 26. No unauthorised person shall enclose any part of the Forest. The Conservators have the power to remove any such enclosures.


Byelaw 27. The Clerk or any Forest Ranger or any constable may remove from the Forest any person who commits any infraction of the Byelaws and fails to give their name and address. They may also be removed when it is believed that the offence against the Byelaws will continue or when it is necessary to do so for the proper use and regulation of the Forest.


Any person offending against these Byelaws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding Level 2 on the standard scale.