Why do I need a licence for commercial dog walking or training on Ashdown Forest?

All commercial businesses operating on Ashdown Forest require a licence to operate. This enables us to regulate and manage the  businesses operating on the Forest and ensure appropriate levels of use. Dog walking is one of the most popular activities undertaken on Ashdown Forest, so ensuring it is managed appropriately and sympathetically to the  vulnerable habitats of the Forest is vital. The licensing scheme also:

  • Ensures that all professional dog walkers and trainers are insured to operate on Ashdown Forest. In the event of a negative incident involving a dog in the care of a professional dog walker or trainer, this would mean that the dog owners, other Forest users and the professional dog walker or trainer would be appropriately protected.
  • Licences help , among other things, to support the maintenance and improvement of Ashdown Forest.

Commercial Dog Training Application Form 2024-25

Commercial Dog Walker Application Form 2024-25

Any person walking or training dogs professionally on Ashdown Forest without a licence is in breach of the Ashdown Forest bye-laws which can lead to a significant fine, and if necessary, removal from the Forest by the Rangers and removal  of licence.

For more information and to view our Code of Conduct, please visit our Dog Walking Page Here.