Last updated 30th April 2024.

11 cattle on our NoFence collar system are now grazing at Millbrook West.  This system worked incredibly well last year. Please keep your dogs on a lead if walking close to the livestock. If in the unlikely event you are chased by a cow, drop the lead and reunite with the dog when you are safe.  Like last year, we will put up signs with QR codes that will allow you to see where the collared cattle are located.

For more about the trialling of the NoFence system that took place on the Forest in 2023, our Countryside Manager Ash Walmsley explains how it works in this video.

Exmoor ponies

The hardy Exmoor ponies stayed on the Forest over winter and are currently in three locations in temporary enclosures near ‘Trees’ and ‘Long’ car parks (near the Old Airstrip) and Gill’s Lap North.

Sheep are now grazing at an enclosure between ‘Long’ and ‘Churlwood’.

As always, please keep dogs under close control at all times. For more information on dog walking and our Code of Conduct.