Last updated 11th January 2024.

The hardy Exmoor ponies will stay on the Forest over winter and are currently in three locations in temporary enclosures near ‘Trees’ and ‘Long’ car parks (near the Old Airstrip) and Gill’s Lap North.

As always, please keep dogs under close control at all times. For more information on dog walking and our Code of Conduct.


Commoner livestock on the South Chase

15th November: We have been given the ‘all clear’ from the Commoner that the sheep on the South Chase are now off the Forest. This is the permanently fenced area both sides of the Crowborough/Stonehill Road between the cattle grids. The Rangers will remove the road-side signs shortly. However, a few sheep remain unaccounted for. Some are feared dead; others may have escaped onto neighbouring properties.

If you do encounter any sheep on the South Chase, please inform the Duty Ranger as soon as possible on 01342 822846 and we will pass this on to the Commoner.