Last updated 15th May 2024

The Conservators’ Riggit Galloway cattle, Hebridean sheep and Exmoor ponies are currently undertaking conservation grazing in seven locations across the Forest (see map below). Six of these locations are enclosed with temporary electric fencing. The seventh area (at Millbrook West) is not fenced; instead we are using the NoFence collar system. See below for more information about this.

In addition to the Conservators’ grazing livestock, the Commoners’ sheep and cattle have been turned out into the permanently-fenced grazing enclosure on the South Chase of the Forest (this area is highlighted in orange on the map below).

As always, please keep dogs under close control at all times. Stay safe – please use a lead around livestock but let go if chased by cattle.

For more information on dog walking and our Code of Conduct, click here.

More about the NoFence grazing system

11 cattle on our NoFence collar system are currently grazing at Millbrook West.  This system worked incredibly well last year. Please keep your dogs on a lead if walking close to the livestock. If in the unlikely event you are chased by a cow, drop the lead and reunite with the dog when you are safe.  Signs with QR codes that will allow you to see where the collared cattle are located have been put in place.

See where the cattle are right now!

You can see the live location of the cattle in the NoFence area via a map on the NoFence website:  The map shows data from collars within 20km of your location, so make sure you have location switched on on your device and be within 20km of the Forest to see this particular herd.

For more about the trialling of the NoFence system that took place on the Forest in 2023, our Countryside Manager Ash Walmsley explains how it works in this video.