July update

As part of our important grazing management of the Forest we will be moving some animals from one enclosure near Gills Lap to an area known as Crows Nest, behind the Police Training area.  Like the Kings Standing site, this area is regarded as a priority bog habitat, but sadly it is becoming overgrown with dominant grass species like Purple Moor Grass, which is supressing other vegetation communities and negatively impacting on our important wildlife.  The area is favoured by the rare Silver Studded Blue butterfly, but without appropriate management creating areas of short vegetation and areas of bare ground, this population too is at risk.

The livestock is likely to remain here until late Autumn and will coincide with the Kings Standing site in an attempt to minimise potential disruption to Forest users in this area.  

Livestock enclosures:

6th May – Cattle have joined the ponies at the enclosures on Kidds Hill and Rushy Bottom (behind Long car park)

5th May – Cattle are now in the enclosure at Kingstanding.

The enclosure at Kingstanding is live and the livestock will be arriving the week commencing 3rd May.

Exmoor Pony enclosures:

Millbrook Bog; Top of Kidds Hill opposite Gills Lap car park; behind Long car park up to Wych Cross

April 2022

The livestock will be returning to the grazing enclosure from Tuesday 19th April.  

Please beware of animals in the road between the cattle grids on Crowborough Road.

Dogs must be kept under close control at all times.