A large dark brown Labrador dog wearing a red collar has been witnessed chasing deer and livestock several times over the last week in land adjacent to Ashdown Forest (near Tabell Ghyll, Ridge and Dumpys car parks). Sadly, yesterday a dead deer was found with large wounds consistent with a dog attack. The deer was found in a field home to our pregnant Hebridean ewes. We have made the police aware of these incidents.

The free-roaming sheep and cattle may not be out on The Forest yet, but there are many areas neighbouring Ashdown Forest which are home to livestock.

Please remember that many grazing animals are currently pregnant and a dog chasing or even chasing animals nearby can cause enough stress for ewes to abort their lambs.

When you are walking your dog in the countryside, please:

  1. Keep your dog in sight at all times, and don’t let them off the lead if you aren’t confident in their recall (even a normally responsive dog can struggle with recall when they see running deer or livestock).
  2. If you can see livestock in the area that you are walking, keep your dog on a short lead but release them if you are chased by cattle.
  3. If you witness a dog chasing deer or livestock on Ashdown Forest or the land adjoining it, please report it to us on 01342 822846.