Dogs wearing yellow may experience fear or heightened anxiety in certain situations, for example an elderly dog may not like young bouncy dogs approaching them, or a new rescue dog may be fearful of strange dogs and people.

If you see a dog wearing yellow please:

  • Never allow your dog to approach an on-lead dog without permission from the owner. This applies even if the dog isn’t wearing yellow.

  • Don’t try to touch the dog, or put your hand towards them, this can be very worrying for some dogs.

  • Ignore them! Some dogs are uncomfortable with eye contact from strangers, they will feel much safer if you pretend they don’t exist.

  • Don’t be offended if the owner doesn’t want to stop and chat. Having a yellow dog can be very stressful, and some dogs will become more anxious the longer they stand still.

Celebrate National Dogs in Yellow Day with us on 20th March.

What is it?
A day dedicated to raising awareness about dogs who need space when out and about. Dogs who wear yellow ribbons, coats, harnesses or anything else yellow are signalling to us that they require space from other dogs and people.

What can I do?

If you see a dog in yellow, don’t approach them or their owner. The dog might be nervous, recovering from surgery, in training or a new
rescue who is still figuring the world out. This will help the dog, and their owner to have a happier, less stressful walk.

How can I find out more?

Look online at or